Woodwork Foundation Course
Evening Class Bookings
If you would like to do the Woodwork Foundation Course (Modules 1 – 3) in the evenings, you can book a place starting in either the Monday, Tuesday or Thursday class. Please be aware that, due to unprecedented demand, we have long waiting lists for Monday and Tuesday evening classes. Joining those classes may take several weeks.

Each Module costs £130, making a total of £390 for the course.

As a guide, each of the three modules takes approximately 7 weeks to complete. You will be given 3 weeks leeway per module to take into account differing work speeds and unavoidable absences, taking each module up to a maximum of 10 weeks. At the end of Module 3, any spare weeks not used out of the 30 can be credited towards Project Classes.

We will ask you when you are coming to the end of module 1 and 2, whether you wish to continue onto the next module so that we have time to book out your bench if you do not.

Fees include all materials and are non-refundable.

Module 3 Information
We offer the option to make a frame to fit a picture or mirror of your own for Module 3 of the course.

If bigger than the current mirror frame, this would add to the cost of the module depending on the size of wood used. You would also need to get some glass cut to size to fit your frame.

Driftwood Construction Course
Part Two Bookings
Once you have completed Part One you will then be invited to enrol for Part Two of the course and undertake your chosen project.